NEWS ECHO will launch a new 50 volt battery series.

ECHO will launch a new 50 volt battery series.

ECHO will launch a new Lithium-Ion 50 volt battery series to be sold through ECHO dealers in Europe and Oceania. The first three models, the ECHO DSRM-300 trimmer, the DPB-600 handheld blower and the DHC-200 hedge trimmer, will be available on September 2016.  
ECHO’s quality engineering is found throughout the new Lithium-Ion products. While many other companies source their motors and other components from third party vendors, the ECHO Lithium-Ion units are designed and built by ECHO. As with ECHO’s petrol products, the new battery family also carries 5-year domestic and 2-year professional warranties. The battery carries a 2-year warranty. 
With petrol-like performance, all three pro-grade cordless tools feature powerful brushless motors and use a shared 50V battery platform. The 50V Lithium-Ion batteries come in two-amp-hour (2 Ah) and four-amp-hour (4 Ah) sizes. The units may be purchased with or without batteries and chargers, further leveraging the investment.
The lightweight DSRM-300 trimmer uses a solid shaft for smooth, fast acceleration and a 1.4 gear ratio for increased cutting torque. Typical run time with the two-amp-hour (2 Ah) battery is up to 22 minutes with a 30cm cutting diameter. The four-amp-hour (4 Ah) battery increases run times up to 45 minutes. The trimmer head comes standard with 2mm diameter twist line.

The DPB-600 handheld blower is lightweight and comfortable with blowing performance similar to petrol powered handheld blowers (650m3/h & 72.5m/sec) and is quieter than petrol handheld blowers.  The product design features the same rotational control as ECHO’s top selling petrol blower. Features include grouped controls with cruise control, an easy-lock blower pipe with metal wear ring and the Posi-loc™ pipe connection keeps tubes tight.

The lightweight, well balanced DHC-200 hedge trimmer features professional grade 62cm double-sided, double-reciprocating blades with a tip guard to provide added protection when trimming near obstacles such as fences or walls.  The right and left hand throttle lock outs prevent unintended movement of the blades. The integrated hanger notch allows easy storing of the unit after usage. Typical run time is up to 60 minutes with the two-amp-hour (2 Ah) battery and 120 minutes with the four-amp-hour (4 Ah) battery.

The two-amp-hour (2 Ah) battery will fully charge in 42 minutes using the rapid charger. The four-amp-hour (4 Ah) battery will fully charge in 88 minutes with the rapid charger.  A gauge on the charger illustrates charge status, while a series of indicator lights on the battery show the remaining charge life.