NEWS Landscaping with laser precision.

Landscaping with laser precision.

Happy April Fools,
The LineLess trimmer is unfortunately not real. However, the DSRM-300 and SF400 Trimmer head are very real. Do not hesitate to visit your local dealer for the extended nylon line.


******* The news below was posted on April 1st(April Fools)*********
Introducing our new patented technology; landscaping is about to take a step into the future with the world’s first lineless, laser trimmer. After 2 years of dedicated (and secret) effort, ECHO has produced the world’s first high powered laser safe enough for the consumer market; our powerful photon system (PPS) 445nm direct dual beam laser completely does away with the need for wires; you’ll never have to change lines again.

Based on a modified version of our SpeedFeed400 head, the new design completely negates the need for nylon line and is not only more cost effective, but will also save you time; your trimmer will always be ready for the job, no more changing or checking the line.

Another perk is the ability to quickly change the swath diameter and/or shape with the new holographic display (on our first model there are 6 options available). But that’s not the best part, the extreme temperature of the laser will vaporise almost all the cuttings, leaving virtually no waste to clear after trimming.


Initially rolling out on the battery powered DSRM-300, we expect to offer laser powered options on our full lineup of trimmers, including ultra-powered gasoline models.


* Cutting with laser precision.

* No need for nylon line, saving time, effort and money.
* Advance holographic display
* Variable swath diameter and shape.

* Vaporisation of grass trimmings means nothing to clean up.


Specialised safety goggles must be worn at all times to avoid retina damage from the beam’s intensity.

Echo accepts no liability for severed limbs, forest fires or users converting to the dark side.