It is through hard work and dedication that we can create spaces in nature that fulfil our practical and artistic needs.

Once a month we will be asking you to read an inspirational quote about nature, gardening or challenging work and submit a photo or video that you feel matches the theme. These could be of you or your colleagues at work landscaping or just a shot of your beautifully crafted garden - let your imagination go wild (ECHO products in the shot are always good!).

We will decide which submission fits best and feature the winner on our page, which can include your company name and profile, hashtags etc.

1. Read quote on theme of nature, gardening or challenging work.
2. Create an image or video that you feel matches the quote.
3. Submit to us within 20 days via our Facebook inbox.
4. Only one image or video per entrant each month.
5. We will announce winners by the end of the month.

Our example image:

No Purchase necessary to enter or win. The competition will be open for entries from the 1st of each month until the 20th. The month’s winner will be announced before the last day of the month. Photo or video entries are limited to one per household per month - if additional entries are made, the entries will be ineligible to win. Entries must be submitted via our Facebook inbox. The winner will be chosen by our team according to which image or video we feel best fits the month’s theme. All decisions are final. Winners can stipulate how much of their personal information they wish to share, e.g. name, company profile or links to social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter etc). This information, alongside the winning image or video will be shared on our Facebook page, Instagram and company website. Any information given to ECHO will be handled strictly according to GDPR regulations. Entrants have the right to request that any stored data be permanently deleted from our records at any time.

<<NOV., 2018 >>
Name: Ludo van Mil
His post:


He is a professional tree worker with years of experience and expertise. His company is Van Mil & Essenstam Boomverzorging.


<<OCT., 2018 >>
Name: Wouter van den Dungen
His post:

He is a qualified climber, tree carer and Forest and nature manager based in the Netherlands. You can visit his company site, Boom&Werk here: