Light weight, battery powered multi-tool with professional power and performance.


Harness the power of a professional multi-tool system from ECHO. Three easily switchable attachments covering a range of jobs; a power pruner for precise cutting of high branches, a hedge trimmer for accurate and clean trimming and a brushcutter for powerful efficient trimming.

Energy Efficient Motor Controls

Energy Efficient Motor Controls

Intelligent system optimises motor speed, power delivery and battery heat for best performance.

Variable Speed Control

Variable Speed Control

Control motor speed for best performance in a given situation.

Motor Position

Motor Position

Provides best balance and ergonomics for light weight and comfortable maneuverability.

Best Features.

Light Weight

Engineered to weigh less whilst retaining robust durability.

Low Noise

Suitable for use in noise sensitive areas.

Low Vibration

Battery powered engines produce far less vibration than their petrol counterparts.

Product Details.

Rated Voltage 50.4
Dry Weight (kg) 3.1
Run Time (min) Up to 19(DPAS-TRIMMER) Up to 32(DPAS-HCA) Up to 21(DPAS-PP)
Drive shaft type Solid shaft
Drive shaft diameter (mm) 6.0
Main Shaft Diameter (mm) 25.00
Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power (L/h) 0

Other Features.