Battery powered, light weight double sided hedge trimmer designed for farm and domestic use.


The latest lithium ion battery technology combined with ECHO's renowned build standards and features make the ECHT-58V a hedge trimmer you can truly depend on no matter how big the job.

Double Reciprocating Blades

Double Reciprocating Blades

Due to the action of the teeth blaeds are self sharpening and maintain their precision.

61cm Double Sided Blades

61cm Double Sided Blades

Durableand precise, long lasting blades give clean finishing time after time.

Battery Life Indicator

Battery Life Indicator

Displays remaining battery life. Lithium ion batteries do not suffer from performance degradation as power fades. Meaning 100% performance throughout.

Performance Series warranty.

Performance Series warranty.

ECHO products are built to the highest standards of quality and performance, meaning you can have complete confidence in our tools. Performance Series tools come with a 2 year warranty for domestic use and a 1 year warranty for professional use. All batteries have a 2 year warranty regardless of usage conditions.

Best Features.

Light Weight

Engineered to weigh less whilst retaining robust durability.

Low Noise

Suitable for use in noise sensitive areas.

Low Vibration

Battery powered engines produce far less vibration than their petrol counterparts.

Product Details.

Dry Weight (kg) 4.3
Cutting Length (mm) 563
Cutter Type Double
Rated Voltage 51.1

Other Features.