Powerful 28.1cc power pruner with telescopic shaft. Features Easy Start for almost effortless starting. Overall length between 2860mm and 4010mm.


ECHO's most powerful telescopic pruner, boasting a professional grade 28.1cc ECHO engine. Power through thick branches and save time and effort.

Powerful and ergonomic

Powerful and ergonomic

Powerful, yet lightweight, it has a telescopically adjustable, rigid shaft making for easier and safer pruning of those branches that are out of reach.



ECHO telescopic pruners can be fitted with extension shafts, hedge trimming or chainsaw attachments.

Precise Control

Precise Control

Ribbed fiberglass outer shaft for rigidity and control coupled with an ergonomic design for balance and accuracy.

Best Features.


Features one of ECHO’s most powerful engines.

Clean Finishing

Designed for clean and precise cutting.

Easy start engine

ECHO’s patented system for effortless starting.

Product Details.

dry weight (kg) 8.20
Chain Oil Tank Capacity (L) 0.20
engine displacement (cm3) 28.10
Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power (L/h) 0.65
output (ps) 1.27
output (kw) 0.93
Overall Length (mm) 2860-4010
fuel tank capacity (l) 0.62
Optional Extension Shaft (feet) 4.00