Professional backpack brushcutter with low vibration and a range of features to enhance comfort.

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Centre of gravity is closer to operator’s body reducing fatigue. The engine is fixed on the frame at an angle of 35° and only the cable swivels reducing user stress

Professional engine

Professional engine

A powerful 42.7cm³ professional grade engine allows you to clear tough brush and long and dense grass in one pass.

Light and balanced design

Light and balanced design

Designed with over 70 years of experience, ECHO trimmers and brushcutters are lightweight and feature anti vibration systems for comfortable operation over extended periods.



i-start system makes starting your trimmer a breeze.

Best Features.


Features one of ECHO’s most powerful engines.

Power to Weight Ratio

Super light-weight design with exceptional power.

Easy start engine

ECHO’s patented system for effortless starting.

Product Details.

Engine displacement (cm³) 42.7
Output (kw) 1.3
Output (ps) 1.8
Dry Weight (kg) 10.5
Fuel tank capacity (l) 1.30
Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power (L/h) 1.15
Carburettor Float
Start Assist System i-start
Drive shaft diameter (mm) 7.0
Main pipe diameter (mm) 24.0
Gear reduction ratio 1.36