Backpack Duster

Kyoritsu Noki Company Ltd. is founded on 8 September. A revolutionary manual duster for pest control and a new power duster-fogger are introduced.


ST1 Knapsack Duster: Following the Second World War, food shortages across Japan necessitated a huge improvement in agricultural processes. The hand-crank powered spreader used for transmitting dry chemicals to crops was created to increase the efficiency of farms and alleviate famine.


Backpack Power Duster/Mist Blower

DM-Series of backpack blower misting and dusting units opens a new era in pest control.


Backpack Brushcutter

First Kyoritsu brushcutter (Power Scythe) is developed.


The first ever ECHO chain saw, CS-80 was released in 1963. This was the first model featuring the “ECHO” name.


Straight Shaft Brushcutter

New shoulder type straight shaft brushcutter (Swing Scythe) is introduced.


Due to a drought, a group of landscapers in California modified the DM-9 backpack sprayer unit by removing the liquid tank and sealing the hole. They used this modified unit to blow powerful bursts of air and clear grass clippings and leaves from the pavement - creating the first ever power blowers. ECHO engineers went out to California , and in the same year we launched the PB-9; the first ever power blower.


During the 1973 oil crisis, people were forced to use firewood to heat their homes. This created demand for a small and affordable chainsaw. The CS-302 was exactly that and rose to be a world-renowned chainsaw with a production lifespan of 20 years. 


2-Cyl. Opposed Chain Saw

Twin cylinder opposed chain saw is introduced.


Curved Shaft Power Edger

Curved shaft power edger is introduced.


The Shred 'n' Vac was released, an innovative new product on the market for blowing, vacuuming and shredding leaves.



Brushcutters and power sprayers equipped i-start are put on the market.

2001, i-start wins Gold award at Urbavert 2001, France.


Rapid-Loader Trimmer Head

Trimmer head with revolutionary quick-loading system, Rapid-Loader is introduced.


At ECHO, we move into new technologies only when we are absolutely sure they offer the quality and performance we are known for. Advancements in digital and battery technology mean we are now able to offer our first fully automated robotic mower. A revolutionary new technology built from the knowledge and skill of over 70 years of producing tools you can depend on.