2 Line Rapid Loader

Easy loading trimmer line head.

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2 Line Rapid Loader

Loaded by inserting pre-cut lengths into the eyelets. Quick and simple. Perfect for small jobs or obstacle free, open areas.

Product Details.

Compatible Products SRM-222ES, SRM-2305SI, SRM-236, SRM-236ES, SRM-236TES, SRM-2620ES, SRM-2620TES, SRM-265TES(RUS), SRM-2655SI, SRM-300TES, SRM-330ES(RUS), SRM-335TESSRM-350ES(RUS), SRM-3610T, SRM-420ES, SRM-420TES, SRM-4605(BASIC), SRM-4605(RUS), SRM-510ES(TUR), SRM-520ES, BCLS-580, RM-315/RM-315SI, RM-510ES, RM-520ES, RM-4300(K, KS)
Diameter (mm) 3.00
Part Number C9500089