Professional cultivator attachment for PAS-2620 and DPAS-2600.

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The ECHO MTA-TC attachment is a commercial grade cultivator for your ECHO PAS-2620 or DPAS-2600 multi-tool power head. With a cultivating width of 160mm and 12 steel tines, it is ideal for fast, effortless weed control and soil cultivation. 

Product Details.

Drive shaft diameter (mm) 6.1
Main pipe diameter (mm) 25.0
Sound power level (dB(A)) 75.2(DPAS-2600), 97.0(PAS-2620ES)
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 91.5(DPAS-2600), 105.6(PAS-2620ES)
Vibration Front handle/Rear handle (m/s²) 2.7 / 1.3(DPAS-2600), 5.0 / 6.0(PAS-2620ES)
Compatible Products PAS-2620ES, DPAS-2600
Cutting Length (mm) 0
Dry Weight (kg) 2.3
Length (mm) 907
Gear reduction ratio 42.75
Run Time (min) Up to 147