Compact and light weight chain saw with Electronic Control.

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The CS-4010EC is a 41.6 cm³ / 1.9 kW compact chainsaw that's all about ease of use and simplicity. To start the saw, simply pump the bulb and pull the chord. That’s it. Electronic Control gets the engine warm and up to optimal RPM faster, plus provides significantly better performance and acceleration, especially whilst the engine is still warming up. Combine all this with the quality ECHO is renowned for and you have a compact, ultra light weight saw that slices through the time between picking it up and completing the job.

Light weight, compact and powerful.

Light weight, compact and powerful.

Weighing just 4.2 kg with a 41.6 cm³ engine, the CS-4010EC has an impressive power to weight ratio.

Electronic Control.

Electronic Control.

Electronic control offers 3 key benefits:

Start assist: easy starting without choke.

Idle assist: keeps RPM stable when not in use.

Acceleration assist: enhanced acceleration performance by increasing fuel supply when needed.

Truly versatile.

Truly versatile.

Suitable for a range of tasks from pruning and bucking to firewood. EC means you can get to work fast and power through tasks with no worries.

Best Features.

Ease of use

The easiest to use petrol saw in our lineup.

Easy starting

Simply pump the bulb and pull the chord.

Light weight

Just 4.2 kg with a slim and compact design.

Product Details.

Sound power level (dB(A)) 109.4
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 100.4
Vibration Front handle/Rear handle (m/s²) 2.7 / 5.3
Applicable Bar Length (cm/inch) 1 38, 45 / 15, 18
Chain Oil Tank Capacity 0.230
Dry Weight (kg) 4.2
Engine displacement (cm³) 41.6
Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power (L/h) 1.04
Fuel tank capacity (l) 0.35
Guide Bar Gauge (inch) 0.050
Output (kw) 1.9
Output (ps) 2.6
Saw Chain Pitch (inch) 0.325
Not all lengths available in every country. Available bar lengths may incur differing RRPs. Please check with your local dealer.

Other Features.

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